Through the Lens of Faith

thin ice_copy

I’ve often heard the phrase of being on thin ice. This photo makes me laugh because the ice is so thin you could swim in the water. Or be eaten by whatever gross goop is in this water. Being one who has no traction when it comes to walking on ice, this “thin ice” seems a bit more comforting — all you need to know how to do is swim 😉

When it comes to thin ice in our personal lives, it can seem threatening when someone tells you that you are on thin ice in their books.

But in some ways, perhaps being on thin ice can be a positive thing. It can symbolize the cold heart being warmed gradually to accept love that had been withheld. Or it could symbolize hope for a second chance after the challenges of hardened life get to be too much.

Thin ice can bring hope for a better tomorrow! Where do you feel like things in your life are on thin ice? Can you find your safety spot for when things get a little rough? Ask a friend or family member to be there when the ice is a little too thin.

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