Through the Lens of Faith

duck to waterThere’s a saying of taking to something “like a duck to water.” When something you do comes so naturally, it can be like getting in the water and having the instincts to kick your feet and stay afloat.

And when watching those ducks in the water, it’s fun to realize that there’s a whole lot more going on under the surface. Those feet are moving them as fast as they can – or they are at rest, letting the water take them wherever it leads.

I remember when I was little going to feed the ducks at the park with my grandpa and sister. We tore up tiny pieces of bread to throw to them. One duck dared to walk across my foot as we were waiting for more bread and it felt so weird having a webbed foot going across mine. Yuck!

What are some things in which you take like a duck to water? I think writing was mine or at least it wasn’t like a duck in water having to kick madly to keep afloat – usually!!

It seems like ducks can serve as a model of sorts for those who are struggling to keep afloat and feel a little jealous when they see those “ducks” floating so calmly down the river. We never know what’s going on underneath. Maybe they are kicking their feet just as fast as you and trying to keep their head above water.

Just keep kicking!

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