Through the Lens of Faith

WindmillI love to watch the windmills on the farms when I drive through Iowa. They are so huge and seem overwhelming on the landscape. But I realize they are there for a purpose to provide energy. It’s amazing that something so big and powerful can do so much to provide for so many.

It got me thinking about where I find energy in my life. I feel like I find my energy from friends and time away from the everyday stresses. I find energy in seeing a beautiful sunset and remembering loved ones who have gone before and know they are watching out for me.  I can find my energy in writing, as well. Writing can provide an outlet for my thoughts that I don’t find easy to share out loud.

What energizes you? What are the windmills in your life? Is it getting out in nature or seeing a movie to escape reality for a little while? Maybe the windmill in your life is sitting down for a cup of hot tea after a long day at work. Feel free to share your windmill experience.

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