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Wall of Prayers

This photo is a wall of prayers that sits in front of the House of Mary in Ephesus, Turkey. I visited this site a few years ago. Hundreds and hundreds of prayers are written on little slips of paper, tissues and anything available and tied to this wall. It is so powerful to see. I added my own prayers to the wall on little scraps of paper.

When I look at this picture, I have to wonder if it isn’t perhaps what heaven is like or what heaven hears – with as many people as there are in the world and as many prayers as are lifted up at Mass or while driving to and from places. Perhaps it works both ways – as many people as there are in heaven praying for us – there may be a wall of prayers coming our way. I like that idea, especially when you see how many walls we have built up around us, there are prayers from everywhere that can break down those walls to open our hearts.

I always wondered how God could hear all of those prayers at the same time. I figured God must have some pretty magic ears. Sometimes when a prayer is unanswered in the way that we want, it might be easier to think they didn’t reach God. But I know it is said that sometimes those unanswered prayers are really the answers we need and not just those we want. It’s hard. I think sometimes those prayers that I say the most frequently that I don’t recognize a response to can make me frustrated and I want to believe that it all is in God’s hands. Yet I know I’ve had prayers answered that I can recognize.

I wonder if I put all the prayers I’ve ever said on pieces of paper if it would look like this wall. I pray for all of you. Start your own wall of prayer at home, feel free to share.

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