Through the Lens of Faith


I have long enjoyed going to the museum to look at wonderful artistic creations. Sometimes I wonder how some of the paintings got in the museum in the first place! Yet I stopped to think about God as the master painter and we as his works of art. God would want every one of his works hanging on the walls in the most magnificent museums. When we are born I imagine we start with a clean canvas. Our canvas gets filled with color as we begin to experience life and all its gifts and challenges. God began the masterpiece, but lets us redecorate it at times. When our time comes to leave this world, our canvas will be perfected by God. I think God appreciates art and lets us contribute to the painting. Maybe God knows before we do what the finished product will look like and gives us the chance to participate in its creation!

What does your canvas look like? Are there things you want to change? Grab some new paint and edit it! Are there parts of your life you want to highlight or expand? Consider your canvas. Maybe grab some paper and paintbrushes and see what it looks like so far!

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