Through the Lens of Faith




There is something powerful about standing in the vicinity of a mountain. Its sheer size and the processes of nature that helped to create their individuality. It’s breathtaking.

I wonder sometimes if there is a tendency to be more anxious about the mountains that we have yet to encounter. Sometimes when you see these majestic mountain ranges you can take in their beauty and just admire their strength.

Yet there are times when I find I am facing a mountain of a problem — or something I anticipate is going to be much bigger than it might actually be. How can I find peace when there are those mountains looming in the distance, when they may actually be small foothills with no danger or potential to overpower.

So, how exactly does one approach a mountain? Do you approach it with awe and humility at its beauty? Or do you approach it with fear and trembling?

Maybe the scripture passage about having faith to move mountains applies to our personal mountains. Maybe if we change our perspective and consider them nothing more than big rocks or stepping stones to the next great adventure in our life, we can have no fear about the mountains in the distance.

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