Through the Lens of Faith


Depending on what word you use for the items in this picture, it could be luggage for a journey or a symbol of the baggage you are carrying through life.

I love traveling, though I tend to skimp on how many pieces of luggage I take with me. I don’t like to carry heavy items around and I like how free you feel when the luggage is taken out of your hands and put in the nice hotel room 🙂

Yet, I wondered about this image being baggage. When I think how much baggage can weigh us down, it seems at times I may hold on to more baggage than I want to carry. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of it even if it drags us down.

How can we make our baggage lighter so that we can enjoy where our luggage takes us? How can we help others with their baggage? Maybe if we all get lighter baggage we can enjoy a journey together!

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