Through the Lens of Faith


Where can inspiration happen?

According to this photo, it might happen at 7,200 feet elevation. When I took this photo in the Grand Tetons the inspiration I found, in part, meant being amazed I made the climb in the first place. After I caught my breath I couldn’t help but be inspired by the view. High above the earth, one could see for miles. I try to remember to take to prayer the fact that we are just small parts of this grand world, yet God was inspired to create each and every one of us, every animal, plant, even down to the fly. It’s inspirational.

When does inspiration strike? When I was growing up it would come at the inopportune time of when I was trying to sleep! I would lay there in the dark and suddenly a poem would spring to my mind and I’d have to get up and try and write it down before I would forget the masterpiece — and I would write it to the lights outside so I didn’t turn on my big light and be discovered that I still wasn’t sleeping 🙂

Where do you find inspiration? It is definitely not necessary to climb a mountain, it might just be as easy as walking out your front door, seeing the flowers in the garden and feeling inspired to call your friend you haven’t seen for awhile. It’s time to open our eyes and see where inspiration strikes!

Now what should I write about? I need inspiration 🙂

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