Through the Lens of Faith


Sometimes life comes down to how you handle things that come your way. Some things can be easier to deal with and other things may take awhile to grasp. When I look at this handle I think about the handles in my life, the handles of friends that help me find a steady footing. When you look at a handle, such as in this photo, you can see that there are two points supporting the middle where one can grab on. It seems to be how you can get help from others – the others are holding on with both hands.

Sometimes it is easier to find these handles, other times you can search high and low and perhaps not recognize them as easily. Yet I believe they are always there. I know I’m always grateful to find people who will offer support and help me handle things I’m not always sure of. And I hope to be a handle for those who need it, as well.

Take a look around you and see where those handles are in your life. Do you see anyone that needs a handle? Keep an eye out, you may be surprised!

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