Through the Lens of Faith
May 2015 Archives

Where can inspiration happen? According to this photo, it might happen at 7,200 feet elevation. When I took this photo in the Grand Tetons the inspiration I found, in part, meant being amazed I made the climb in the first […]

I was sitting in the prayer circle at one of the local Omaha colleges and was looking at the crucifix. The crucifix is on a slight hill across from the main buildings of the campus. I became aware that Jesus’ eyes […]

This photo is a wall of prayers that sits in front of the House of Mary in Ephesus, Turkey. I visited this site a few years ago. Hundreds and hundreds of prayers are written on little slips of paper, tissues […]

I love to watch the windmills on the farms when I drive through Iowa. They are so huge and seem overwhelming on the landscape. But I realize they are there for a purpose to provide energy. It’s amazing that something […]

    There is something powerful about standing in the vicinity of a mountain. Its sheer size and the processes of nature that helped to create their individuality. It’s breathtaking. I wonder sometimes if there is a tendency to be […]

I have long enjoyed going to the museum to look at wonderful artistic creations. Sometimes I wonder how some of the paintings got in the museum in the first place! Yet I stopped to think about God as the master […]

Sometimes life comes down to how you handle things that come your way. Some things can be easier to deal with and other things may take awhile to grasp. When I look at this handle I think about the handles […]

Depending on what word you use for the items in this picture, it could be luggage for a journey or a symbol of the baggage you are carrying through life. I love traveling, though I tend to skimp on how […]