Through the Lens of Faith

Stonehenge StrengthThese stones have withstood the ages. These stones have stood through countless rainstorms, wind, hail and seasons. They have not shifted, regardless of what comes their way. When I saw them in person I was struck by their size, but also how much they have weathered over the years.

Yet, how many times have I shifted during the storms in my life? How many times have I wondered how to keep standing? How many times have I wanted to just lay down and let things go by? How many times have you?

I may want to shift and I may want to fall. But I know that I don’t because I have people around me who provide that strength that keep me from falling. And I know I can be that rock for someone else when they need me to be strong for them. It’s what happens when friends are there for each other and families love us through the darkest times of the night.

I am so grateful for all who give me strength; for God who puts those people in my life. I’m grateful that I haven’t fallen yet or that I never forget to get up if I do trip. I am grateful for the circle of friends and family that represent Stonehenge in my life.

Where do you find strength in your life? When you look around at the people in your life, who would you say are those that have stood next to you in the storms? Who provided a wide shoulder and strong support when you felt weak? How are you a stone of strength for someone else? A friend once told me that when you are called to be that strength for someone, God will provide you the strength to be there. Your own strength comes from God and with God there is an endless storehouse of strength. We can all be Stonehenge strong for others and you will find others who are that for you.

Be sure to thank those in your life who are these strengths for you. Thank you!

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