Through the Lens of Faith

Prayer on the Corner

Have you ever walked down a busy street and found your heart moved to say a prayer for someone who suddenly crossed your mind? Or have you been sitting at the office reading an email that came asking for prayers? It is amazing that we can stop wherever we are and in the midst of what we are doing and pray for someone or some intention. No church is required.

This photograph was taken in Rome, Italy on a street corner near the Piazza Navona. On many street corners in Italy there are alcoves and miniature altars with candles and flowers and small statues. Seeing this image on the corner made me pause to say a Hail Mary. I always find myself remembering to pray when I drive by a church of any denomination. I whisper, “Hi, God” as a way to acknowledge God especially if I hadn’t spent much time in prayer that particular day.

Where are you reminded to pray? Is it when you drive by a church? Is it in your room after you pass through the hallway with family photos? Note this week where you are reminded to pray. You’ll be amazed at how often and where you raise your voice in prayer. Maybe even at your computer today.

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