Through the Lens of Faith

Come Sit with MeCome and sit awhile.

Do you ever feel that you are running constantly and think if only for a moment you can sit down everything would be right with the world? Do you ever feel guilty when you do stop for a minute? Sometimes when I stop after a day of running around constantly, I will sit and think of the million other things I should be doing instead. It seems like too much of a guilty pleasure to just sit, but it is so wonderful sometimes.

Do you want to sit alone or with someone? It probably depends on the kind of day you’ve had and how you are feeling. It can be nice to sit by yourself and think about things or enjoy the nature around you if you are sitting on a bench like the one pictured. Yet it can be fun to sit with a friend or co-worker and chat about the day.

If you could ask anyone to sit with you, who would it be? Would it be someone you already know or someone you want to meet? Would it be a saint? Would it be someone you love who has passed away and you want to visit with them again? Maybe you want to ask Jesus to take a seat and keep you company as you mull over the day and remember that you don’t have to sit alone unless you want a little space.

Feel free to share who you want to sit with you on this nice white bench. And don’t forget to rest.

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