Through the Lens of Faith
April 2015 Archives

Stained glass windows have always been interesting to me. I love seeing the different colors and how the light shines through, making those colors even more vibrant. In churches, especially, I like to see how the windows portray the scriptures […]

The sandbox. It is a place of community — where children of all ages, shapes and sizes can gather and play without boundaries. It is also a solitary place, where one can think and wonder about the greater things of […]

These stones have withstood the ages. These stones have stood through countless rainstorms, wind, hail and seasons. They have not shifted, regardless of what comes their way. When I saw them in person I was struck by their size, but […]

Come and sit awhile. Do you ever feel that you are running constantly and think if only for a moment you can sit down everything would be right with the world? Do you ever feel guilty when you do stop […]

Have you ever walked down a busy street and found your heart moved to say a prayer for someone who suddenly crossed your mind? Or have you been sitting at the office reading an email that came asking for prayers? […]