Through the Lens of Faith

IMG_0370When I drive through streets and see a church steeple, it helps me remember to say a little prayer or say a little hello to God. It reminds me of my faith and serves as a focal point.

No matter what denomination the church I see is, it brings me back from whatever is stressing me out and reminds me that there is someone bigger than me.

Where do you look for a focal point in your faith? Where do you focus when you are struggling?

Share in the comments the focal points you search out.


Sometimes seeing shadows can be scary. They can startle you, especially when you think you’re walking IMG_0384alone down a street.

Yet shadows can help us see where we may need work. The shadows can alert us to areas in ourselves that need some tender loving care.

How do you approach your own shadow? Do you try to run?

We all have shadows inside, but if we work through these with faith, we will find a light to lessen the shadows.

Do you have someone you look to in your life who provides a light to your shadow? Have a conversation with them this week, and see how you can be a light for them.

IMG_0366One of the things I appreciate in my faith is seeing images like statues that reflect the stories and saints I admire. Sometimes they serve as reminders of those who I should get to know more.

If you were to create a statue that reflects your faith, what would it look like?

Would your statue be an image of a person who inspires you? Or would your statue be more abstract or contain several different items or representations?

Share in the comments what your statue would look like. Perhaps it will give others the chance to consider their own.

IMG_0372Have you always been a dreamer? Are you always dreaming about the next thing in life or wondering about your future world?

Have you ever noticed if you stopped dreaming? Sometimes when one dream falls apart it might be easy to stop dreaming. I know I have been afraid to dream at some points in my life. Why continue when some dreams do not come true or backfire?

But I do believe in the importance of dreams. I believe God is with us in those dreams, guiding us and giving us the courage to follow the dreams that will lead us to the best in our lives.