Through the Lens of Faith

Sometimes life comes at us in torrents. Our emotions can be overwhelming and scary at times. IMG_4310

Yet other times our emotions come as a trickle, like the water flowing from this fountain.

There will be torrents and there will be slow trickles in our life, but it is important to know how our faith can adjust to those differences.

If we think of our faith like a fountain, what water pressure comes to mind when you’ve been through a loss? Do you think the water fountain flows more strongly? Or perhaps it seems to be a weaker stream?

Keeping track of that can help you see where you are on the path and perhaps remind you there’s always times that you will experience the opposite during your journey.

1727What would you say are the keys to your faith?

Consider this piano keyboard. Would you describe your faith as reaching an entire octave, a faith that has been steady and consistent for so long it’s hard to remember a time when it wasn’t?

Or do you take your faith and understanding one key at a time, leaning into knowledge and experience a small bit at a time?

Perhaps you can look at this keyboard and use each key as a way of tracking what eight things you use to deepen your faith, each key being one of those ways.

What kind of harmony would these keys make for your life? Play us a song!

Do you have someone that you call on for answers when you feel there are more questions than not27?

Whether that be a spiritual director or just a friend that understands where you are coming from, it can be important to have someone to contact.

I know I’ve been grateful to have spiritual directors in my life who are willing to listen to my questions, especially when I experienced a lot of grief and wondered greatly about faith through the experience.

Next time you have a question or just want to share an insight, make sure to connect with a faith friend! Share in the comments who you might turn to so others can have ideas.


1736Our faith life seems to go in circles sometimes. You can feel as if, on this wheel, you are on one of the spokes going up and up. Then suddenly the spokes are moving in a downward direction. When the downward direction comes, it is so important to remember that you’ve already made at least one, if not many, trips around this wheel of faith.

The wheel spoke will once again rise and you will be riding high. On the next ride, think of all the blessings you’ve seen on all sides of the wheel of faith. It can be an enlightening experience.

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