Through the Lens of Faith

IMG_4619It seems ironic in a way to see snow right next to a sandy beach and the ocean just beyond. One would expect only sunshine and summer weather to accompany time at the beach.

We each have seasons in our lives that may appear contradictory. We may feel we are on the verge of a new discovery on one hand and so far from okay on the other.

We are amazing and complex creatures. We have days that are dark and nights where we find the light.

How is your faith life in comparison to this duality? Where you at today?

Do you find patterns to be calming? Do they offer you a sense of control? IMG_3418

What are patterns in your spiritual life? To me, spiritual patterns can be helpful to understand, especially during the times they seem too wild to comprehend.

Life has a way of getting in the way. Patterns can help bring you back.

Patterns can bring us a sense of all that has been and all that may be.

Share examples of your patterns of faith in the comments.

IMG_0123Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s the day we celebrate love. For Catholics, today we also embark on the Lenten journey. It is Ash Wednesday.

It’s so important to make sure those we love know how we feel, not only on Valentine’s Day but always.

Perhaps this year you can honor those you love by telling them of your prayers for them. Send out your love into the world today and always.

Watching the news can leave us with a heavy heart at times. We hear or read about cruelty to others and see how IMG_4614the political figures do not respond perhaps the way we would like.

There is a lot of heaviness.

Yet our souls can be lightened through prayer. God will not allow darkness to swallow us. Through God’s intercession we can feel our souls become light.

There’s the saying about being light as a feather. Let’s pray this week to keep our souls light as a feather, as well.