Through the Lens of Faith

IMG_0240There’s a whole world out there to understand. Often we get stuck in the same place, with the same thoughts. It’s easy to spin.

There are mountains everywhere — maybe not in our cities or states, but perhaps in our spiritual lives. The mountains can seem intimidating and overwhelming. Or the mountains can symbolize a greater purpose or experience to which one can look forward.

What mountains are before you? Are they mountains of struggle? Or are they mountains that represent something you are excited to conquer and explore?

Share those mountains with those whom you love and they will be much easier to understand.


I love how mirrors and certain glass from buildings reflect the world around it. They can sometimes provide a IMG_0755different perspective to something you only see as one way.

In a way, you can’t seem to escape what you might be trying to get away from. When we look in the mirror at home, or when we pass one by in our daily activities, we can generally appreciate what we see.

Sometimes the glass or mirrors can reflect things back to us in a way that helps us find a better answer than we anticipated. Seeing things in a different way can make it more clear.

Next time you are struggling with a decision or issue, hold it up to a mirror – perhaps you can write it on a piece of paper, reflect it and see if you can find a different explanation or path.

IMG_0282Have you ever stopped to consider how many miles you have traveled? How many bridges you have crossed or how many obstacles you have met and overcome?

It’s hard to consider how much things have changed in our lives. Even looking back over a year can show you just how far we have come. And our faith has come along, as well.

It has changed and grown, sometimes it has ebbed and flowed. But it is always there, somewhere in the midst of journey.

Where have you traveled over the years? How has your faith grown with each experience and can you see how even the challenging times of faith were somehow brought to a stronger level?

Share your experiences in the comments.

IMG_0772Some days it just feels right to take flight. The air is warm and the breeze is tender.

We may want to take flight for the pure joy of feeling free. There’s nothing like the feeling of being unattached and unencumbered.

We may want to take flight, however, when things are weighing us down here on the ground. We can feel surrounded by a heaviness that can seem unbearable at times.

For those times we cannot take flight soon enough, close your eyes and breathe deep. Or take a look out the window and make yourself one with the birds you see. It will do your spirit good.