Through the Lens of Faith

I have walked by these words every weekday for a year. IMG_0352

I didn’t totally pay attention to them, knowing they were stickers in a window. But when I did, I was struck by the perspective.

Don’t give up.

Yet how many times do we want to give up when we can only see the backside of an issue? Sometimes we are looking at things in reverse.

Look back at your life, even the past few days, and see if there is something you need to consider differently. Ask God to show you how to approach a difficult situation.

Just don’t give up.

IMG_0317What direction are your sails of faith pointing right now? Are you focusing on getting through some rough waters you encountered? Or are you sailing through with nothing but blue skies?

It is important to remember how much things can change. Your sails might be pointed through rough waters now, but just on the other side could be blue skies. The same is true for the reverse trip.

Perhaps what we need to recall is to keep our sails pointed to God and know we will always be loved by the master sailor who will help us sail into peace.

Our lives fall into patterns sometimes. While the patterns may not always be easy to discern, looking IMG_0348back you can find patterns more easily.

What are the patterns in your faith? Can you see a straight path or a jagged collection of stops and starts?

Perhaps you like putting puzzles together. I haven’t put one together in a long time but always start with the corner pieces and the those with a straight edge.

I wish the patterns in my life followed that straight edge sometimes. But I know that God will use whatever pattern we have in our lives for a rich and beautiful experience of our faith.

There are so many things in this world for which to be grateful. Is it always easy to see these things? IMG_1108

Not always. Sometimes we get caught up in the struggles of everyday life or in the crises of the world we live in. It is hard to see what blessings there may be around us.

So, if that is the case in your life, start with the moment closest to you. Or the person closest to you. It does not even have to be some far off thought in the distance.

See the person or moment near you and pray in gratitude for their existence in your world. They will be blessed, as well as you opening up to the gratitude on the horizon.