Through the Lens of Faith

It’s time to find a different perspective. Sometimes what we are doing stops working. IMG_0104

If we find a different perspective, it’s possible to go even farther in our journey. We can get stuck in a rut. We spend our time going from one activity to another, say the same prayers in the same way without engaging the meaning behind the prayers or recitation.

Perhaps if we take the time to change our routine, we might be able to see things differently. If you have a routine you follow, take this week and do it in reverse. It might help give you an appreciation you have not had in awhile.

Share how you changed your perspective and the difference it makes.

It is so disheartening to be surrounded by such challenges to peace. Violence is everywhere, as seen with an incident IMG_9686in Manchester, United Kingdom. Going to enjoy music can be a dangerous thing.

It’s hard to understand why people do what they do. We are all born with goodness in our hearts. Somewhere along the way things change and the heart might turn another way.

What do you do to cultivate peace? How are you walking along a path for peace?

Perhaps we can make a conscious effort every time we step or every path we take to make a prayer for peace. We need to pray for peace in the hearts of everyone we encounter and those we will come to know in due time.

Do you ever feel like you’ve hit an impasse or a brick wall in your faith life? IMG_0108

Does everything feel like the same old, same old? Sometimes things can get stale in our faith life. We can become too set in our ways. We might find ourselves frustrated by this and feel like we are not making any progress past this brick wall.

We are making progress, though. We may not see it, but God sees us trying. God sees our frustration and guides us through that wall so that it will almost seem transparent to God.

What do you do when you feel like you have hit a wall? One suggestion is to take a look back at where you’ve been, gather the tools that were helpful getting to that point, reevaluate and try to find a foothold. If faith can move mountains, it can surely move a wall.

IMG_0105Light bends and reflects off whatever surface it comes across. It can appear to be a straight beam or it can be bent in all different directions, forming numerous shapes.

I think we can use this bending light to describe our faith in a way. Our faith changes every day. Sometimes the change is subtle, barely making us aware that things are adjusting and changing. Other times the light of our faith may shine more brightly. It may seem barely recognizable depending up which surface it falls.

Does your faith shape look similar at all to this photo? What shape would you describe your faith to be? Share in the comments.