Through the Lens of Faith

ButterflyWinter for many can be a struggle. Some are lucky enough to live in a warm climate. Others experience deep freezes and may not even have a chance to be out of the cold at certain times.

No matter what the temperature is outside, we need to remember that we ourselves can take flight to warmer spiritual temperatures. We can focus on memories of those who show us such kindness and warmth.

We can find our wings and fly in our hearts to the place where our faith makes the most sense.

Where is that place for you? Where do you want to or need to fly these days? Is it near friends who lift up your spirit? Is it to a retreat where you can be free from stress for just a little while?

Where will you take flight this week?


It seems the world is full of advice! Even a straw at a famous coffee shop can give you advice. “Not IMG_7541recommended…”

How often do we actually take advice given? Are we more quick to say “That doesn’t apply to me” or “That might work for someone else…”?

What’s the best piece of advice you have received about faith? What was some advice you got that was “not recommended?” Please feel free to share either in the comment section.

This week, pay attention to the pieces of advice you are given or things that could potentially be taken as advice. Do you have a friend or spiritual adviser that can help you discern the validity of the advice?

Share your best advice for the spiritual seekers this year.

IMG_7257Trees have always fascinated me. With roots that dig deep and branches that reach high, I admire how nothing stands in their way.

They grow around obstacles and come in all shapes and sizes.

Starting a new year full of resolutions that may not always last, I renew my resolution to not let obstacles stand in my way. I’ve learned that life is too short and there’s no reason to not grow around obstacles. We never know where the detour may lead. It may lead to something even better than the direction we were headed.

Do you think our faith journey might look a little like this tree? Bending in all different directions?

IMG_7254I love how the colors of these roses bring light to an otherwise gray and rainy day. They don’t let the dampness surrounding it impede their beauty.

Sometimes our faith lives can seem gray or dull. We can feel like we’re going through the same old motions, making the same prayers.

What has brought beauty to your life? Maybe there is a photograph in your house that brings you joy.

This week, bring that picture out or buy a rose or anything that brings you light. Pray in thanksgiving for those lights in your life. It may just help you get through the next gray, rainy day.