Through the Lens of Faith

IMG_1075It is one of the busiest seasons of the year. The list for Santa Claus can be miles long, as well as the lines at the toy store.

There are parties to plan and activities to attend.

Yet it is a time that is supposed to be quiet and reflective. As Christians we await the birth of Jesus. We need to stop and breathe, drink in the beauty that surrounds us.

Poinsettias have been described as being in the shape of the Star of Bethlehem. Looking at the various flowers can help us find focus on the important things during this Christmas season.

Do you have a favorite symbol that keeps you focused during this time?

Share it in the comments.


This is the season of light. Trees are decorated, sometimes with multicolored IMG_1185lights. Some lights blink and others stay still.

I have noticed there is a pattern to some strands that twinkle, take a break and then start again.

It is fun to see houses decorated with lights that follow a song and dance across the house in different patterns.

What patterns have you noticed in your spiritual life? Do you find it easier to pray when things are only going well? Can you find a way to pray that brings you comfort when things are not going as well.

This week, consider the patterns of your prayer life.

Sometimes I feel like we are only scratching the surface in our spiritual lives. We need to go deeper than ever. IMG_0192

It is so important in our day and age to delve deeply. So much can be mined from our experiences in prayer that can help us develop stronger faith, especially in the time of  challenges in our world.

Perhaps taking stock of where we have been this year will help us go deeper still.

The year will be coming to a close in a matter of weeks. Let’s take advantage of the quiet days before the holidays.


One of my favorite songs starts, “Tis the gift to be simple…”IMG_1091

It is an idea that I appreciate, but also wonder if I can ever achieve it.

Can we be simple in our spiritual lives? I think it is what we are called to do. We need to simplify our lives from stresses.

Freeing ourselves from the extra stresses can help us give more time to simple acts of charity.

Simple acts can bring us closer to the gift we are called to be for each other.

What is something you can do this week that will bring joy to someone in your life? Make a list and keep it on hand for the coming days and weeks.