Through the Lens of Faith

Life can send us tossing and turning in a wave of emotions. But it is important to pay attention to those IMG_6867things that anchor us. Our faith can be an anchor when things are going topsy-turvey.

Who do you turn to when you need an anchor?

God is there to provide us safety in the storms. God is the ultimate anchor of our faith. What are ways we can reach out for the anchor? Prayer is one way. Another could be speaking with a spiritual counselor or treasured friend.

An anchor is there to let you know you are not alone in your journey.

IMG_6309It’s bound to happen. Seasons are always going to be changing.

I try to find comfort in that. Especially when I am less fond of particular seasons, say of winter? Remembering that seasons always change, I can have hope that the cold won’t last as long and that spring will bring back the beautiful green colors and flowers I hope for the rest of the seasons.

Our faith lives have seasons, too. There have been times in my life where I would describe the season as summer. The season where children are free from school and anxiety about tests. The season where parents can have a little more time with their kids that isn’t spent on homework.

Other times it’s been in the deep dark winter of a season. But I have to remember that there will come another spring soon enough.

What season are you in these days?

I’ve been on a search myself to find nutritious food choices that also satisfy cravings for the food that is IMG_6310probably not as good for me.

Where do you find nutrition for your soul?

The berries in this photo I’m sure are nutritious for some creature. But not everything that looks good is nutritious for us, or meant for us.

I find reading blogs (like this :)) to be helpful in the search for nutrition for my soul. Reading Bible verses or reflections on scripture can help do the same.

Perhaps you find listening to music soothes your weary soul. Think this week about what nourishes you and feel free to share those tips. Sometimes it’s helpful to have other input from friends and loved ones.

It amazes me how beautiful different terrains can be. There are rocky paths in this picture, smoothed IMG_6312rocks that are worn from the rushing rapids. There are trees that find fertile soil in which to grow.

Our lives have these different terrains. Would you say your path today is rocky? Full of uphill and bumpy side roads? Would you say your path is smooth like the worn rocks? Maybe you’ve spent your time going through the bumpy terrain and find yourself on a level playing field.

The trees could stand for those who stood by you in the rapids of your life.  The smooth rocks could show where you have been or where you are going. But remember, the smooth rocks were once jagged, but now they have a story to tell.

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