Through the Lens of Faith


One of the things that amazes me about this worIMG_5746ld is how there are so many different climates and how things can grow long into the season that you would think it wouldn’t last.

A rose is in full bloom later in the year and it reminds me of how no matter what season we are in our lives, there can still be growth.

Our faith can still bloom, even as the weather turns to a new season, a cooler season for most.

It’s so amazing to me that there can be growth, even when we least expect to see it.

What do you see around you that you think may have already been past its prime but still continues to bring beauty to your world?

Please share in the comments!

Imagine yourself on a boat, sitting in the harbor. Are you anxious to set sail? Are you fine with justIMG_5440 sitting and observing?

Look at the boats around you. They are all different. The concept of moving across the water is the same, no matter what the vessel looks like.

Do you ever find yourself comparing your journey to that of others? In our faith lives, especially when we might be struggling, it can be hard to look at those others whose faith seems strong. We might feel our vessel of faith is gaining water and starting to sink.

Just remember that each vessel may look different but the concepts of faith or moving across the water are the same. Maybe it’s time for you to explore another vessel until yours gets moving.

IMG_5442A nice card game can provide a distraction from the cold and dreary nights. The 52 cards can mix up in so many different ways for hours of fun.

I like that there are the same amount of cards as there are weeks in the year. If you have a hard time counting blessings or want to try something new, take a card in each deck and name something that you’re grateful for that either starts with the letters AKQJ or the name a number of things starting with 2 through 10.

It might be hard to think of something for each, but you can always combine a few cards for the Blackjack game of the year!

IMG_5690Do you ever feel as if life is moving at a snail’s pace, or perhaps the rate of transformation of a caterpillar?

It’s so hard to be patient. Especially in our faith. I know in my life I have wanted to be so much further along in my faith life than I perceive I am. I feel like I should be past my mistakes and fears and everything else.

But I think it’s important to remember that we all started life unable even to crawl. We eventually gained the skills to crawl, slowly, and made our way to walking and running.

Maybe in our faith we can remember to crawl first before wanting to run to the goal line.

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