Through the Lens of Faith

Overcast days can play with your emotions. We need sunlight in our lives. What happens when you have too many days in a row without sunlight? Our moods get lower.

When there is a lack of natural light, there are ways to substitute light. But when our faith is overcast, what do you do?IMG_0092

Do you have something that can substitute as light in your life or serve as a sort of flashlight? What works for you?

For me, it helps to revisit books that meant a lot to me along the journey. Or I look back at journals or prayers I have written.

Share in the comments what brings the light back to your life.

I always thought the saying “A penny for your thoughts” was cute. Sometimes I wished whoever was saying it would actually ante up some pennies!

IMG_0097I wonder what would happen if we change the saying to “A penny for your prayers”? It might just be a way to open a conversation with people. It could open the door to finding out what is really on the minds and hearts of those we care about.

Who will you offer a penny to this week? Maybe you can even offer it to someone whom you don’t know or want to get to know. Or you can ask someone else to pray for you. Sometimes people don’t know if you want prayers for anything specific. Share a penny of your thoughts.

Sometimes life can be a bumpy ride. We can feel like there is nothing to hold us up. We may feel like our friends aren’t there when we need them the most.

We might feel that we don’t know where to turn.IMG_0095

At these times it’s important to remember that even though we can’t see God in a visible sense, we can find glimpses of God’s support in our lives in other ways.

Perhaps there is someone new that has come into your life at just the right time, when things might not be going so well. That’s an example of how God provides you  a hand to hold in the midst of a storm.

Maybe God is giving you a handle to grab. Look around and see where the handle is for you told when you need it next time.

How has your spiritual life grown in the first month of the new year? Are you seeing change by leaps and bounds? Are you seeing more subtle changes?

Perhaps you are slowly going through a transformation. It”s perfectly fine. Sometimes it’s more important to take our time and take each step as it is presented.IMG_0099

Children learn to walk step by step. Thy don’t automatically know how to reach their destination across the room as quickly as they may want.

In our spiritual lives, sometimes it takes more time on each step than we prefer. Yet, each step up gives us a strong foundation and can help us when we feel we might be falling.