Through the Lens of Faith

Sometimes dreams can seem so close you can taste it. Yet others seem far too out of reach. IMG_0101

What do you do when a dream seems out of reach?

If we add our faith to our dreams, it’s possible we can shoot for the moon? Faith makes all things possible. The dreams may not always materialize in the way we want them to, but they will be the way they are meant to be.

What dreams do you have that seem too out of reach? Is it something really important to you? Perhaps stepping back, evaluating its importance and engaging God in the dream can help it move forward.

IMG_8141Our faith goes through different phases. Sometimes it is very strong and we feel on fire with the spirit. Other days can feel a little less oomph.

I know our faith is invisible, but do you ever wonder what it would look like if it was reflected without? What shade would it be? Would your faith be visible as the color yellow? Bright and strong? Would it be reflected as a red? On fire with strength? Perhaps it might be blue, as reflected in this image.

Comment below what shade you think your faith might be right now. Just remember it will change as life and experiences are added and challenge us!

IMG_8319What is in your spiritual toolbox?

Do you have it filled with spiritual books? Or a favorite copy of the Bible? Or copies of prayers that bring you comfort?

Where do you keep your toolbox? Is it in your room? Or by a favorite chair?

It may be in your heart. We each need to keep tools by our side to help us through the changes we face. Having the tools nearby can help on a day when you aren’t feeling particularly inspired.

Share in the comments what you keep in your toolbox.

Life can be so short. It’s so important to count your blessings every day. IMG_8320

Do you have a ritual or a set time that you look back on your day? Do you recognize the blessings in each event in your day?

It can be hard, I admit, to see blessings everywhere. Sometimes I have to stretch to think of even one good thing in a day, but I think it is really important and necessary for our faith life to continue to flourish and grow. Perhaps an encounter with someone new was a blessing. Or seeing an old friend after several months.

Whatever you count as blessings, make sure to tell others. Share them in the comments – it might just help others to remember their own!