Through the Lens of Faith

IMG_0093What does it take for you to keep things together?

Do you find it easier to do so by yourself or ndo you rely on others to help you?

Sometimes we need both options. Taking a break to breathe and keep it together on your own may provide you space to find out what you need to keep going. Having help from someone you trust will also provide an extra support.

God provides that extra support we need, whether we spend our time alone or with another friend. We are always surrounded by support to keep it together.

IMG_0091For some, this winter may have been a tough season. Many have been stuck in snow or cold weather for a long time.

The official season of spring will be here soon. I can hardly wait for green buds to form and flowers to start bringing light and color to our world again.

What season are you in in your spiritual life? Are you in springtime? Perhaps you feel like it is still autumn. Whatever season you’re in, don’t forget that the seasons do change and you will be in the brighter warmth soon. God is doing something in us during all seasons. So even if we think we are like the bare trees, we are really just preparing for growth.

One of my favorite passages says “We walk by faith and not by sight.” It can be very comforting at times when I can’t really see where I’m going in my journey. So much of life is a mystery.

If we walk by faith, we are sure to have the best guide along the way. If we walk by sight only, we may miss things that God wants us to see.

By walking with faith, we are walking with a different set of eyes. Our eyes in faith are more open to the deeper messages that God wants us to know. IMG_7237

IMG_0100What fences us in? What keeps us from being free?

A fence can be a good thing when it keeps out unwanted or dangerous things.

Yet we have to be aware there is a gate, the one that can help you move from captivity to freedom.

What do you need to keep the fence gate open? What will it take to give you the freedom to step away from what fences you in? Maybe it is letting go of an old anger or forgiving someone who hurt you and didn’t even know it.

There are many things that fence us in. Open the gate of your heart and let in the light of freedom.