Think, Believe, Manifest

Karim Hajee is a Motivational Writer, Speaker and the Founder of . He is the author of the Creating Power System and the Power Of Believing book. For more than 20 years Karim has been helping people achieve their goals and live inspired and rewarding lives. He’s helped over 200 thousand people in more than 160 countries. A former award winning investigative reporter, Karim continues to share his wisdom and techniques for success with people all around the world through his courses, books and free programs offered on his website . You can also follow him on Facebook at

It’s time to let go of your negative past and begin enjoying life again. Too often we hang on to those bad memories, bad relationships, that resentment, anger and any negative experience you’re holding on to needs to be released, […]

If you want to be happy, be happy. It’s really that simple. Happiness is inside you so let it out and push yourself to be happy. That means getting rid of all the negative thoughts and negative energy. As soon […]

Of course you can You bet you can. But maybe you’re not so sure. Maybe you have some doubts about achieving a goal, accomplishing something, or making a significant change and at first you think: “Maybe I can.” But then […]

To attract, manifest and have what you want in life you have to start with changing your thinking. This means taking control of how you think and what you think about. The important part is to get rid of the […]

“It’s Freezing! When will it be summer?” My four year old son asked. “Not for a while” I responded. Then I explained that winter is just one of four seasons, and soon enough summer will arrive. “But it’s freezing cold. […]

It’s ne of the worst things you can say and you probably say it more often than you realize. It’s: “I don’t know” And the more you say it the more confusion you create. You may want to make more […]

Those Negative thoughts, they keep coming. You don’t even realize they’re there controlling and destroying your life. Sometimes they sneak up on you. You start to accept them. Then things get worse. You keep trying to change things but those […]

Now that we’re into a New Year you might start re-thinking your resolutions and ambitions for 2017 This is about the time you might start making excuses to give up on some of the goals you set. It’s common. Millions […]

It’s a new year, a new beginning and a fresh chance to make this your best year ever. So let’s forget about all that didn’t go well in 2016 and instead focus on the good things that happened. When you […]

Be Merry So it’s that time of year again – the holiday season Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas it’s the holiday spirit that’s important. Everybody is usually in a better mood, getting ready for a New Year and spending […]