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Prayer is based on an assumption; prayer assumptions are steps of faith. We believe God hears and is able and willing to respond to what we say. Prayer in its purest form assumes a relationship, and in its best form, […]

Here’s another simple and simply beautiful prayer from St. Augustine. In his role as Bishop (pastor) for the church in Hippo, North Africa, Augustine became a great defender of right doctrine and right practice of true faith. But all of […]

The great Dutch mystic Thomas a’ Kempis was the author of the Christian devotional classic Imitation of the Christ. In this prayer credited to Thomas we see the beauty of grace. “Forgiving as we have been forgiven.” If we can […]

St. Augustine didn’t trust his physical body. Prior to his conversion to Christianity Augustine had lived to please and indulge his own appetites. For the rest of his life on earth he considered his “flesh” as the enemy of his […]

In his spiritual autobiography, Confessions Augustine tells the story of his wandering, painful quest to find true peace. He searched in philosophy and religion, in self indulgence and in self effacement. He found peace finally only when God found him. […]

Augustine was Bishop of Hippo in North Africa in the 4th-5th century. Except for the writers of the New Testament, no one has had more influence than Augustine in establishing Christian belief and practice. This prayer to the Holy Spirit […]

Matthew 6:9-13 “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” Some things to think about: Of course God’s will is done in heaven.  But on earth?  Was 9-11 “God’s will?”  Is child molestation or […]

Matthew 6:9-13 “Hallowed be thy name” Some things to think about: Praise. Call him Holy. Speak the name of the Lord. What an invitation! Here prayer is to be praise… with a specific identity attached: God’s. Your name is the […]

John Wesley’s Covenant Prayer John Wesley, along with his brother Charles founded the Methodist Movement in England in the 18th century. Wesley preached open-air sermons and followed up by encouraging his converts to join small groups for prayer, study and […]