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Jesus cleans house! Click here to listen to our conversation, “Cleaned Up!” 

Jesus heals – he’s able and willing. Click here to listen in on our conversation “Healing Happens.” 

Demons are real. But Jesus is more real! Click here to listen in to our conversation “Shut up and Get Out!” 

Often when we pray for healing we add the caveat, “If it is your will.” Click here to listen to our conversation about Jesus healing a leper: It seems he’s always willing… So ask boldly…

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Are you SAD? Seasonal Effective Disorder is a real problem for many of us. In winter when the days are short and sunlight is blocked by clouds and the cold keeps us indoors, we may not get enough light and to produce the vitamin D we need. A lack of vitamin D can lead to illness and also to depression and a feeling a gloom. Jesus is the Light of Life! When we don’t get enough vitamin D we can supplement that with “vitamin G” – the goodness of God!

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When all else fails… and all else will fail… we go to Jesus for help. When our family is fractured, our marriage strained, our children in a desperate way, we can come and ask Jesus for a miracle. And like the father in the story in John 4, once we ask we may have to ask again and persist. And then, once Jesus answers we have to take him at his word and BELIEVE, and go on our day KNOWING the matter is finished, even BEFORE we see the evidence.

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