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The Bible is a miracle. Yes, it’s words on a page, ink on paper, in old human languages set in cultures we don’t easily understand and crafted by humans who somehow, in spite of their personal failings partnered with the Spirit of God to document God’s very own words. The Bible is a miracle door into the heart of God.

Some people believe there are many portals between our physical world and spiritual dimensions. The ancient Celts of Ireland call these “thin places.” They tended to see these doors in geographic terms. A dark caverns, an ancient grove of oak trees, a foggy bog might open a “door” to another realm.

Christians see “thin places” in a less mystical, more “down to earth” way. Instead of traveling to a sacred space, we finds door (and windows) right inside our ordinary lives. Our own emotions, our relationships, common gifts like an apple, a bird singing in a tree, a phone from a friend can open a door to wonder. Access to God is this simple because we believe God has come to earth in Jesus. We don’t have treasure hunt our way to him; heaven has come down to us!

One of the most accessible and common doors is the Bible itself. As we read the words we can find ourselves falling “between the lines” of scripture the lines and into the “thin places” of eternity. And this can happen right in our own living rooms, with a cup of coffee and a dog on our lap. Here God’s own words are framed in our own words, and the words themselves create – as God’s words always do – a pathway to LIFE.

Today, grab a Bible and open a page. Read, ponder, wait, then read again and wait again. As you do, a door will open somewhere within your soul. As it does, step up, step in, step through. God will be there waiting in the “thin place” of the ordinary words of Scripture.

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