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Matthew 6:9-13

“Hallowed be thy name”

Some things to think about:
Praise. Call him Holy. Speak the name of the Lord. What an invitation! Here prayer is to be praise… with a specific identity attached: God’s.

Your name is the most personal part of your identity. When you sign your name to something you are depositing a representative sign of your very self. It is the same with God. When God tells us his name he is revealing the very essence of himself. This is why the “name of the Lord” is so very precious. He is telling us exactly who and what He is!

In the Bible God has many names, all of which reveal a specific facet of his nature.
YHWH – Ex. 3. “The Lord.” He is the infinite eternal, self existent “I AM.”
YHWH JIREH – Gen. 22:14. “The Lord will provide” He cares for his own.
YHWH ROPHEHA – Ex. 15:26. “The Lord our healing.” He fixes brokenness.
YHWH NISSI – Ex. 17:15. “The Lord who wins.” He battles evil.
YHWH MEQUADDESHKIM – Ex. 31:13. “The Lord sanctifies.” He sets apart.
YHWH SHALOM – Judges 6:24. “The Lord is peace.” He brings order.
YHWH TSIDKENU – Jer. 23:6. “The Lord my righteousness.” He is holy!
YHWH SHAMMAH – Ex. 48:35. “The Lord is there.” He is present.

This is the essence of God’s nature. He has revealed his infinite mystery to us in his Word. And in these words we can know him intimately.

Some things to do:
This week begin to call God by his names. Speak aspects of God’s nature (a specific name) in relation to the situations in your life, your family, our church and the world that need to know that YHWH is Lord! “Praise the Name of the LORD”

Some things to talk about
What does your name mean? Is there any correlation in your personality to the name you were given? How about God’s names? Which is the easiest one for you to personally understand? Which is the most difficult?

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