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Can you guess how many sessions it took with my sleep psychologist before I began sleeping through the night after ten years of insomnia? One. And one follow-up visit which was spent with me holding back the urge to bow in reverence at his feet.

As I’ve told you, this sleep psychologist put me on a sleep diet and gave me some very important guidelines to follow.

  • Never nap.
  • Never do anything during wakeful hours but read quietly in a chair.
  • Restrict your hours in bed.
  • Keep regular and routine sleep times and wake times.
  • Make practical changes in lifestyle.

So I adhered to his suggestions religiously. At times during this experiment, I could almost fall asleep standing up, so I had to keep myself very active, because if I would sit down, I would invariably and almost uncontrollably snooze.

Miraculously within a week I was sleeping through the night every night, and that grace has lasted now for two and a half blessed years. How grateful I am for the change it’s meant for me, my family, my relationships, my work, and every dimension of my life.

Once it was working well, my doctor allowed me to add more sleep in fifteen minute increments, however, I found that if I slept more than seven hours a night, I would get off track and begin to awaken again. So, my limit is about 6.5 to 7 hours maximum. Some people, about ten percent of the population, need as much as ten hours per night. God bless them!

If we don’t get enough sleep, our health is compromised. Dr. Oz warns that, “A lack of sleep heightens your risk of Alzheimer’s.”

Now, what was I going to say? Oh, yeah. So that’s my sleep journey, from a super-frustrated life on my way to a super-natural life. I hope and pray that all our reader friends can “lie down and sleep in peace” every night of their lives. Rest is a gift from Heaven.

Here’s a hug: 0

Jesus, You could sleep anywhere while you were here in body, even in the middle of a boat, in the middle of the sea, in the middle of a torrential blast. Would you give us Your peace and rest, so we can enjoy the benefits that you’ve designed for us to have? Thank You. We can do all things through Your strength. Amen

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