The Road You're On

The Road You're On


Professing the Faith

posted by Gayle Trotter

At the Easter Vigil this year, the Catholic Church received me into full communion.  Along the road to this night, Monsignor Peter Vaghi, pastor of the Church of the Little Flower, met with me over many months to teach me […]

If I should die before I wake

posted by Gayle Trotter

Each night before my children drift off to sleep, I pray with them.  We voice a familiar prayer: Now I lay me down to sleep; I pray the Lord my soul to keep; If I should die before I wake; […]

Three things Dick Cheney taught his daughter

posted by Gayle Trotter

Liz Cheney shared three things she learned from her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, while she co-wrote his book, In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir. First: Press forward. Liz shared how her father endured five heart attacks […]

“We Just Want to Raise Our Kids”

posted by Gayle Trotter

“We don’t want to keep running from place to place to place looking for the best tree to sleep under with our kids,” a Sudanese refugee said to Congressman Frank Wolf during his recent trip to the world’s newest nation, […]

She Did What She Could

posted by Gayle Trotter

Do you sometimes feel paralyzed by too many pressing demands?  Do the world’s tragedies sometimes overwhelm you with news of famines, floods, and despotism? Elisa Morgan, former CEO of Mothers of Preschoolers, recently addressed these questions.  As the leader of […]

Eternal Valentine’s Day: Looking for God’s Love in All the Wrong Places

posted by Gayle Trotter

This week, we are celebrating Valentine’s Day and continue to mourn Whitney Houston’s death. She starred in The Preacher’s Wife, a forgettable movie with an unforgettable soundtrack including the song, “I Believe in You and Me,” describing a superlative, eternal […]

Five Reasons to Study the Bible

posted by Gayle Trotter

Regretful bride Kim Kardashian recently tweeted: “I want to start a Bible study group with my friends.”   Here are five reasons to study the Bible: Anyone can benefit from reading the Bible, which is full of the epic stories of […]

Sometimes to win, you just need to finish

posted by Gayle Trotter

The beautiful teenage track star readies herself for the championship race. This contest will determine whether Holland Reynolds’s high school cross country team will win an eighth state championship. Next to her, coach Jim Tracy displays a pensive look. He […]

Five Rules of the Road for Handling Pain

posted by Gayle Trotter

Every day, headlines remind us how pain can wreak personal havoc. “Every person in here knows personal pain,” as Newt Gingrich memorably said to CNN’s John King during the South Carolina debates.  “Every person in here has had someone close […]

What does Robert Plant have in common with John Bunyan?

posted by Gayle Trotter

What does the Greatest Metal Vocalist of All Time have in common with a devout Protestant writer of the seventeenth century? Led Zeppelin lead singer and lyricist Robert Plant wrote the iconic 1971 rock song Stairway to Heaven.  This song […]

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Need some fresh air?
"Jesus said, 'If you love me, you will do what I command.'  Some people live on the 'Do what I command'  side of that comma, but we need to get back to the 'If you love me' side of that comma.  When you are in love, the relationship becomes this fresh air internal motivation." Gayle Trotte

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The Thorny Places with Shayne Wheeler
"The only way we can go in and experience the transformative presence of Christ is to go in these difficult places assuming that we’re not coming back." Gayle Trotter:  I’m speaking with Shayne Wheeler, author of The Briarpatch Gospel. Your subtitle is “Fearlessly following Jesus into

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Exceptional Gratitude
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Can Music Set You Free?
Thanksgiving inspires us to pause and count our blessings of family and friends. Defiant Requiem, a new film showing Jewish life in the Nazi concentration camp Terezin, filled me with similar thoughts of gratitude and admiration. Many of the inmates of Terezin were musicians and artists. Despite

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