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By Denise Andrews

Party Doll is in the house with a big old mouth and butt to match,
don’t give me no trouble till you hear my rap.
I’ll get you “In the Mood” and we’ll “Rock around the Clock” cause I’m “Too Legit to Quit “ and you won’t want to stop

I hate exercise, it makes me sweat, I’d rather be dancing or on the net.
I’m a Powerful Woman looking for a powerful man. My kids are grown, did what I can.
They made me nuts with heavy metal and rap.

All I ever wanted to do is take a nap.
Baseball, football, all kinds of sports, by the time they left I was all out of sorts.
I said I’m getting rid of my man and the kids too, I’m strutten my stuff, not livin in a zoo.

I’m a Motown hippie, from the 60’s generation. Give me that rock and funk and I’ll give you a gyration.
They think they’re bad with their grunge and rap. I’ll match them side by side and even put in a tap.
Cause I’m a rocker and a roller and a mean mother stroller.

Don’t get in my way when I’m doin my jive
Cause I’m still the hottest woman alive.
Give me those blues and I’ll funk you to death, make your eyes roll over and you’ll need a rest.

So girls if you think your so cool now, just wait till your 50 then they open the door.
When you get pms you earned every bitch so let it rip.
Give your family an attitude and let them know that your hip.

Life is so smooth when you on MTV, you know that you’ve made the grade.
I’m tellin you girlfriend don’t be so staid.
I’m a powerful woman looking for a Powerful man, So if you measure up catch me if you can.

I gotta big ol butt, who really cares, when you out in the world shakin all your wares.
Eat your heart out people I’ve done my duty, I’ve cleaned those dishes and wiped that booty.
Now I don’t do windows, in fact I don’t do much, got me a young squeeze that I like to touch.

I don’t mean to brag and I don’t mean to boast but I got my inspiration from the holy ghost.
They say “Hey Ms Deejay are’nt you a little old to play? ”
Honey I was miss thang in my day.

I can still shake it to the left and shake it to the right, stick it up, stick it down, my moves are still tight, .
I’m a party doll that still loves the grooves.
C’mon girlfriends, I’ll get you in the mood.

So grab that guy and and show what you got.
“Baby got back’ take it to the top.
Cause I’m a powerful woman looking for a powerful man, so If you measure up catch me if you can.

PS. All misspelled words are not typos.
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Donna Henes is the author of The Queen of My Self: Stepping into Sovereignty in Midlife. She offers counseling and upbeat, practical and ceremonial guidance for individual women and groups who want to enjoy the fruits of an enriching, influential, purposeful, passionate, and powerful maturity. Consult the MIDLIFE MIDWIFE™

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