The Queen of My Self

by Roslyne Sophia Breillat 

This sacred power available to the menopausal woman is the power of wisdom infused with the power of love. It is the power of the female spirit infused with the power of justice and strength. It is the power of experience infused with the power of maturity.

It is the power of life infused with the power of the feminine psyche. It is the power of transformation infused with the power of the womb. It is the power of the earth infused with the power of the moon. It shines with a calm serenity. It glows with a gentled grace. And it embraces a gentle strength.

It creates many changes. It takes her where she dared not go before. It knows no boundaries and it knows no fear. This power that is offered to the menopausal woman knows no structures and it knows no limitations. It simplifies her life. It makes her delightfully ordinary and yet she becomes extraordinary through living it in its entirety.

It gifts her with infinite courage and it awakens the joyous singing of her wise heart. It dances through the flow of her words and it speaks from the depths of her womb consciousness. It demands that she be true. It is honest and it is straight. It compels her to let go. It calls her to move on. It filters throughout her daily life. It shines an iridescent light within the heart of darkness. And it prevents her from living a deadening and disempowering life of familiarity, of compromise, of fear.

If she ignores this wise heart of her menopausal fire she will never experience the full beauty or the true purpose of her female power. The intensity of this transformational power culminates within a potent climacteric point during the peak of her menopausal phase, where the richness of her life experiences and the fullness of her wisdom merge within the alchemical glow of her menopausal cauldron of rebirth.

This menopausal Goddess of Power becomes relentless, as she asks her to give up, to give in, to give over to the emerging wisdom of her deepening truth within. She asks her to fearlessly trust. She asks her to graciously receive. She asks her to listen to her heart. She demands her to listen to her inner muse. She compels her to honor, to integrate and to receive the inexplicable mysteries of her wise female ways. She enfolds her in her arms and she holds her hand and she asks her to rest peacefully in the abundant lap of Mother Earth for a while. And she leads her into unknown territory where fear no longer abides.

She reveals the sacred knowing of her womanly mystery. She awakens her passion for life and she deepens her desire for truth. She rebirths her as the profundity of the wild wise woman. She calls her to be unique. She calls her to be different, to become authentic, to embrace the many treasures bequeathed through change. She casts a shining light upon her actions and upon her deeds. If she ignores the irresistible dance of this power, she will never realize the full potential of her femaleness.

If she is ruthlessly honest, she will be compelled to embrace this power, to surrender to this power, to live from this power, to love from this power. When she becomes infused with the richness of this power, she can never go back. She can never return to where she was before this tumultuous adventure of menopause began to rock the familiar comfort of her cozy world.

Power is the sacred gift of menopause. For this is a gift that is earned, deserved and beneficently given by grace. It is a priceless gift that offers her a new life of authenticity and freedom. It is a treasured gift that is given through relinquishing all in her life that does not support the wild, wise ways of menopause. And it is a unique gift that is made wholeheartedly real through receiving and integrating the sacred ancient seed of wisdom that is planted by the infinite mystery of deep transformation.

The wise woman does not dilute or diminish this power. She does not control or hold back from this power. And she does not deny this power its rightful place within her womb or hide its shining glow beneath a bushel where it cowers from the light of day and the light of life. For she knows this power as wisdom and she knows this power as love.

She knows that this power is not something separate from her that she can own or reclaim, as advertised in popular New Age workshops. And yet, in truth, she can awaken as this power, she can become infused with this power, she can live from this power, she can be this power. For the purpose of the menopausal woman is to rejoice in in her unfolding wisdom, her arising power and her spiritual awakening as the Wise Woman of this earth.

And she experiences this power within the wildly burning fire of Kundalini energy that arises during menopause as the true heart of the female sexual essence. She does not suppress this power of Shakti. She opens to her pulsating waves as they spiral and flow throughout her body and psyche, releasing rivers and waves and oceans of withheld creativity, inspiration and passion that she has kept secret for so very long.

She cannot really know this power until she has passed though the tests and trials of her menopausal pilgrimage. It awaits her, in her womb, in the deep, as a welcoming light, a shining jewel. Power is innately infused within the purpose of menopause. And this purpose awakens within her a profound need to be true to her calling upon this earth. Power is the heart of menopause. And this power rests within the heart of her female essence, within the heart of her wisdom, within the heart of her womb.


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