The Queen of My Self

by Judith Hill

This is our More is More Day!! Sigh deeply! Feel that? Yummmmmmm!
We get to Be in 100% JOY!  Remember how great this is?

What Have You ALWAYS wanted to DO?
Climb Machu Picchu? Write the Great Pan-American Novel??
Learn to play the alto sax? Take up Watercolors? Make a fish pond?
Sail, skateboard, crochet? Sing lead in a Garage Band?
Dance for hours & go for breakfast as the sun comes up? Like we usta?!
Forgive Everyone you need to? Write a poem thanking Seeds!
Do absolutely nothing and feel fine? Go to India and serve in an Ashram?
Play! Paint! Sing Loud! Sign up! Yahooo! Good on Ya!
Dye your hair purple and paint your doorways blue?? Write everyone one you Love & say so!
Get a facial, a pedicure, and massage? At the same time!!! Go on a wild date!  With the Beloved! With Yourself!
Be instantly on a fabulous adventure! An exotic vacation! Dress up & Stay Home!
Why not?  It’s our day! It’s our life!
Stay Home!! Travel!! Spend the day in bed! Or a mountain trail!
Take a train somewhere you have never been!!! Yippppppee!
Wear something gorgeous! Velvet! Silk! Topless!
Do what you wish! Sleep! Lollygag! Loaf! Lounge!
Feed Birds! Swim! Tango & tangle! Day dream!
Find yummy hot water & loll joyously about for hours!
Read all day, eating dark chocolate bonbons & moan, O just quietly, in pleasure!
Walk into deep woods! Sing loud! Dance for the nuthatches!
See 3 movies & eat buttered popcorn! Procrastinate!

Give just-baked cookies away one by one! Take a walk & smile at Everyone!
Be Happy for no Reason! For Every Reason!
Make Prayers for Peace & and cuddle up close! Go to Work & Be at Play!
Go where you’ve always wanted! Seychelles? Bequa? Your back porch? My kitchen?
Linger over warm churros and chocolate calientito at the San Augustin Café, dunk and dream…
If your morning is booked, have a Moonbath & pizza: with fresh basil and extra cheese!
Aren’t the Cubs, aren’t the Yankees….playing somewhere we could go?
Visit the Monets? A playground with swings? A Kirtan?
A picnic in the Bosque at dawn, kergillion cranes wheeling overhead?  Snowgeese & Sandhill Cranes!
By the Presa full from recent rains, Egrets & Cormorants in circling flight above?
Fajitas and Limonada after? Lobster roll with extra wasabi,
carnitas with pico de gallo,  guayabas and pineapple on a balcony overlooking your life,
in gratitude for every blessed second?
A chance to say I love you one more time?  And have it said back?
Say it again and again! Aren’t our hearts so full! Whew!
A luxurious nap with a thick blankie, Assam tea with cream? More Kisses?
Hot bath, scented rose geranium, reading Neruda? Aloud! Coltrane and Tinarwien, Billie H and Bob D?
Snow in the high country, waves rolling in on Cabo,
silver bracelets, satiny avocados, camerones y mango liquados?
You Are Invited! You are My Guest! Come to my Party! Start Now!
Come as You Are! How else could you be?

Don’t worry if you are Late – Come as you were!
If you are Early – Come as you will be!
It’s all in my heart for us! See you here! Or there! Now!
Invite your friends! Always room for More Partiers!
And know I Love you Best!

Let’s stay thrillingly, heartbeating wildly, in love & that…that!  Will make Our Dreams Come True!
& Know I love you today & today & today & today….. xxxxxxxxJudyth

* ***
Donna Henes is the author of The Queen of My Self: Stepping into Sovereignty in Midlife. She offers counseling and upbeat, practical and ceremonial guidance for individual women and groups who want to enjoy the fruits of an enriching, influential, purposeful, passionate, and powerful maturity. Consult the MIDLIFE MIDWIFE™

The Queen welcomes questions concerning all issues of interest to women in their mature years. Send your inquiries to



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