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If the Winter Solstice signals the birth of the sun, then the Spring Equinox exclaims the birth of the Earth — the resurrection of nature from the dark death of winter. The life, which has stayed hidden, in exile or […]

During the last presidential election campaign, we heard scant little about the woman who gave birth to and raised President Barak Obama. This is a shame, as she was an extraordinary woman, who rose from a simple past to achieve […]

Benazir Hotaki’s lifelong work began when she was appointed as a teacher at the Malalai School in Afghanistan. She also served as the headmistress and principle of several schools in Kabul. During her career as an educator, she was awarded […]

 Miep Gies, the woman who sheltered the Frank family and saved Anne’s diary for posterity, was born Hermine Santruschitz in Vienna to Christian parents in 1909. In 1920 she moved to Leiden to escape food shortages and was raised by […]

As a follow up to our in-depth exploration of women’s relationship to power, I want to focus on highlighting some notable sheroes in women’s herstory. So for the remainder of Women’s History Month I will share the stories of some […]

Be A Queen: Own Your Power And GloryBy Oprah Winfrey Be a queen. Dare to be different. Be a pioneer. Be a leader. Be the kind of woman who in the face of adversity will continue to embrace life and […]

Congratulations to the three winners of a copy of The Queen of My Self in yesterday’s give away: Pegi Eyers, ON, CanadaPam Gifford, ORSheri Schultz, MA Hero/HeroineBy Rosalie Maggio, CA The words “hero” and “heroine” convey subtle — and sometimes not […]

We have reached another mile-high-stone — 200 posts! I wish I could offer 200 free books as a celebration, but, of course, I cannot. However I am offering three to the first three women who contact me at and […]

Transforming the Nature of Power – Part 2By Carla GoldsteinDirector of The Women’s Institute at Omega If we can become the transformers of power by cultivating a new way of being together in our everyday lives, then we help reverse the […]

    Transforming the Nature of PowerBy Carla GoldsteinDirector of The Women’s Institute at Omega Al Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth, has brought to the world’s attention the need to radically change our relationship to power. To save our planet, we must […]