The Queen of My Self

We are women of the air
We are the breath of life
We are the winds of change
We speak our voice to life

We are teachers of the truth
We are students all our lives
We are scholars and seekers
We are storytellers of the myth

We are women of the fire
We are the women of the desert
We are smoldering embers
We are daughters of the sun

We are powerful and strong
We are the blood of life
We flame our hearts desire
We ride passion to the crest

We are women of the water
We are women of the streams
We are creeks and pools and ponds
We are women of the rain

We are filled with love and joy
We are healing our hearts from pain
We are prophets of the future
We are mystics of the dream

We are women of the earth
We are stones and we are caves
We are fertile soil and sand
We are women of the bones

We are part of her body
We are filled with mystery
We nurture and we mother
We are protectors of the land

We are women of spirit
We are filled with prayer and light
We gather love together
We send it on in flight

We heal this broken planet
We sing and dance our prayers
We drum and raise it high
We hear her responsive hum

Sharon Vaught, PA 

*Please send me your thoughts about power. Also stories of your own empowerment. When shared, these ideas and examples are extremely inspiring to others. Thanks.

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