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There is a wonderful new anthology that I would like to share with you. The Spirit of a Woman: Stories to Empower and Inspire is the vision of Terry Lázló-Gopadze, who edited the volume. She collected remarkable true tales from remarkable women, one of whom, I am proud to say, is me.

These stories all describe pivotal times in their lives when they were called to rise to a difficult occasion, and do so with courage, high minded spirit and aplomb. Stories of illness, stories of war, stories of trauma, tales of terror. Stories of healing, of forgiveness, stories of forbearance, stories of grace and goodwill.

These women are all, with the exception of one, of a certain age. And they are all, every last one, exemplary Queens. They are rulers of them Selves, their principles, their compassion, their forthrightness, their dignity, their creativity.

Angeles Arrien writes in her forward to the anthology:

Even though these simple stories seem to be very diverse, every story within this anthology has a special and consistent quality of conviction, love, care, faith, wit, resourcefulness and humility. Without a doubt this is the best collection of stories to date that honors and illustrates the power and beauty and integrity of the feminine principle that resides in each human being.

…Demonstrates the power of the feminine principle in action, and shows us how it can, how it does, change the world. It is impossible to read these stories without having your estimation of the human spirit rise, and to experience the deep living feminine principle globally residing in Mother Earth, in aqua femina — the deep waters and oceans that embrace Mother Earth  — and in our own natures at this time in history. What committed actions wil you take to foster the feminine principle within your own nature and in the world as a result of reading these exceptional stories.

Gift your Self with this book.

And if you are in New York City, Do join Terry Lázló-Gopadze, Suni Paz and me for a wonderful evening of words and music.

Thursday, October 14, 6:30 PM


Quest Books
240 East 53rd Street
New York, NY
For information:
Complimentary wine and snacks.

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