The Queen of My Self

Here are some recent Declarations of Queendom from readers of this blog, as well as The Queen of My Self Facebook page and my monthly Ezine, The Queen’s Chronicles. Hail to the Queens!

New Declarations of Queendom:

Love, love, love being a Queen!
– Rose, NY

As a sister-Queen, I proudly stand in the authentic truth of my own talents and abilities and I proudly proclaim my desires to help transform the world (and shift the patriarchal paradigm) through my thoughts, words, deeds and actions (including my writings!).
– Queen Mary Immaculata, CO

I think the most important thing is that becoming the Queen of My Self is a process and an ongoing one at that. The confidence and self-esteem that a Queen radiates makes her beautiful. Her beauty comes from within and shines through her eyes, her smile, her words and her gestures. It comes from being your own unique self.
– L.a., PA

I am coming into my Queendom and I am so proud. I have been through hell and back, and now I am finally able to proclaim that I am the boss of me. How liberating that is.
– Lisa, MI

I am 40 this year. I have been looking forward to this birthday since I turned 30. That was a traumatic year. I thought I was maybe a little off for being so anxious to get to what so many of my school friends and countless other women seem so horrified by. Then I started hearing about this Queen archetype. It suddenly made sense. I know 40 isn’t a magic number, but to me it is a signal of great things to come.
– Kim, IA

Being a Queen means knowing how to access my life force energy, what activates it, what zaps it, and granting myself permission to do whatever it takes to stay connected to this inner fountain of youth!
– Daina, MI

A Queen knows she is worthy based on nothing but the truth that she is Goddess in Form.
– Phoebe, NC

A friend of mine stumbled upon your Queenly thoughts right after I told her about a vivid dream I had in which I was wearing full Queen Elizabeth I regalia and was announcing that from here on I would be called “Gloriana.”After reading your blog , I think you hit it on the head. I had already been coming to similar conclusions. You just said it so much better! I am 53, in great shape, am energetic and creative, think I am sexy, and am really ready to be Queen of my Realm!!  
– Adeline, CA

I suppose Queening is self-proclaimed.
– Lauree, NY

You got it, girlfriend! You are the Queen, because you say you are the Queen. You feel it and think it and show it, and therefore you are! The Yoruba have a saying, “You crown your own head.”

What does being a Queen mean to you?

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