The Queen of My Self


What an extraordinarily exciting and gorgeous time of the
year spring is. Life is bursting out all over. Buds, blossoms and babies
everywhere! Is it any wonder that May is the month of the Goddess? And of the
Mother? Like the Great Creatrix Goddess, mothers are the progenitors of life
and the providers of sustenance for the living.

In this season of teeming birth and growth, we honor the
Mother Goddesses, Mother Earth and our own mothers, as well as our own
mothering selves.

We don’t need to have given
birth to a baby to be a mother, and in fact, with easy access to birth control
and abortion nearly one quarter of the Baby Boom generation chose not to bear children.

The archetypal Mother is
biological parent as well as the Mother of Invention. She produces and
reproduces — be they children, books, businesses, careers or political causes.
Then She labors endlessly to nourish and sustain the fruits of Her passion: Her
family, Her business, Her home, Her job, Her projects, Her clients, Her
students, Her community.

Full with nutriment, She is
the ultimate cosmic creator, nursemaid, caretaker, caregiver and provider. She
is committed to the well-being of those around Her, and the daily domestic and
productive concerns of the material world are Hers. Endlessly reliable,
dependable, solid and sure, She is the woman whose work is never done.

And now, as we enter into the
sovereignty of our middle years, our active mothering days done, and done very
well, indeed, we are called upon to extend our mothering instincts to include
our Selves.

Now is the time for us to be
our own Mother. To nurture our own well-being. To hold our deepest needs in
tender trust. To care for our personal concerns and inspire and encourage the
development of our best potential. To honor our purpose. To celebrate our
passion. And to embrace our power.

I, Queen Mama Donna, do hereby declare and
decree that Every Day be Queen Mother’s Day!

The Queen is firm in the defense of Her time, Her space,
Her boundaries, Her priorities, Her preferences, Her ethics, Her needs, Her
desires, Her safety and Her sense of well-being.



The Queen welcomes questions concerning all issues of
interest to women in their mature years. Send your inquiries to





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