The Queen of My Self

Are you in your middle years or about to enter them? Are you living your true potential and following your fondest dreams? If not, why not? And if not now, when?
Now is the time to leave behind old patterns that no longer serve you and to make way for the Queen — that wonderful midlife stage of meaning, moxie, and majesty that is rightfully yours to enjoy.
I hereby cordially invite you to join me on a daily blog adventure, a royal expedition, a noble quest to access the fullness of our mature presence, purpose and passion in midlife and beyond.
I offer my services as the been-there-done-that advance scout, sharing my own experience in affirmative aging in the hopes that it will be inspiring and useful as we chart our course toward personal sovereignty. The Queen, supreme archetypal paradigm of mature female potency, will be our esteemed role model, mentor and guide.
The Queen teaches by example and also by metaphor. On this blog you will find the stories of women, mine included, throughout time and from many different societies, situations and stations who have successfully crossed the hard divide and created daring and dynamic lives for themselves.
These compelling her-stories will be interwoven with folklore, poetry, myth, practical suggestions, exercises, affirmations, celebrations, rituals and invocations. And most importantly, interaction. Comments, ideas, suggestions, discussions are all encouraged.
Ultimately, I envision this blog to be a virtual Queen’s Court, populated by active, engaged, excited, experienced, empowered and extraordinarily excellent mature women. The more Queenly I become, the more I desire to be in the company of other Queens. Please join me.
Blessings for the Queen of your Self,
xxQueen Mama Donna
The Queen of My Self: Meaning, Moxie and Majesty for Women in Midlife
Launches on May 17

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