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Though dangerous and sometimes deadly, thunderstorms are one of nature’s most beautiful spectacles. Have you ever laid in bed and watched lightning spider across the sky through your window? There’s nothing quite like it. As a child, thunderstorms were my favorite part of every summer. I specifically remember playing on the beach with my mom and brother until dark clouds forced us to run to the car. We would drive home in the pouring rain, listening to the thunder and laughing about our quick escape. Lightning brightened the sky for seconds in intervals, illuminating the clouds. I loved these storms almost as much as I loved playing on the beach.

These photos, collected from The Telegraph and National Geographic, depict lightning in its purest form. They were taken all over the world, spanning from North America to Greece and beyond.

Lightning South Beach

Lightning Crazy

Lightning Athens

Lightning 10 Charleston

Lightning 9 Eiffel Tower

Lightning 8 Beirut

Lightning 6 Hopewell Virginia

Lightning 5 Grand Canyon

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