The Less-Stressed Life
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One of the things I have learned working with people in the clinical office is that connection with a supportive community of people is a key component to growth.  The following article captures the power of relationships pretty well.  Check it out… […]

Want to have a little fun with your friends? Ask married couples to respond to the following question: “What is the most essential component of a happy healthy marriage?” Chances are, at least 75% will respond by saying something like, […]

This is a picture of Sugar, a retriever that belongs to a close friend of mine.  I first met Sugar a couple of years ago and found that he was a “very active dog”.  Well, that’s what I told my […]

When a family experiences financial problems it can create drama for parents and children.  Here are a few quick tips to help you understand how to minimize the impact of finanical stress upon your family. #1 Understand that YOU trigger your […]

Check out the second part of my interview of Dr. Colbert.  He talks about progressive relaxation and then I demonstrate how it works with an example from my clinical office.  This is PRACTICAL information that will help you get rid […]

Riding a motorcycle at 110 mph down the interstate…too dangerous. Group break dancing in the office…too dated. Doing a Richard Simmons video in your living room…that might leave your family wondering if they should call 911. While these activities might […]

Check out this interview with Dr. Don Colbert, New York Times bestselling health and wellness author.  It explains the dangers of chronic stress and what you can do to curb the effects of stress in your brain and in your […]

I often ask the people I work with in my clinical office the following question: “What stresses you out?”. Their responses tend to sound like this: “My work stresses me out!” “My boss is the most stressful person you will […]