The Less-Stressed Life

Late one night several months ago I couldn’t sleep so I flipped on the television.  As I surfed through the channels I came across a poker game.  Normally, if you asked how I felt about watching a poker game on television I would have preferred to watch paint dry, that would be more exciting.  However, it was late and I was longing to get some sleep so I thought this might do the trick. 

About two minutes into the program I quickly realized that not only was this not boring but I was actually mezmerized.  There was so much more to the game of poker than I had ever taken the time to discover.  Full of intrigue, suspense and mystery, sometimes a duel to the death and sometimes a fiery flamenco dance where the dancers are passionately one-upping each other, poker is brilliantly exciting.

As I watched the players become eliminated one by one I noticed that at some point they pushed all their chips into the center of the table.  It’s called going “all in”.  It occurred to me that in order to make significant change in our lives we have to be willing to go “all in”. 

Taking that leap to experience radical change may be scary for some but there comes a time when you’ve got to jump if you’re going to realize a life of less stress.  Little steps toward your goal help to a small degree but research suggests that in order to experience lasting change you must be willing to give it all you’ve got and go “all in”.

Live the Life You’ve Always Wanted!
Dr. Mike Ronsisvalle

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