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So my mom called me the other day, to talk about this, that and the other, and in the course of our chatting she says, in passing, words to the effect of ‘… and so after I saw the vascular […]

I know that this is terribly, terribly wrong, but I totally laughed when I saw this: I mean, seriously. I know that it’s bad to talk back to police officers, I know that it’s bad to curse at police officers, […]

It’s my birthday. It’s kind of a weird day for me, now, because it follows so closely upon the heels of my son’s birthday. Also, I’m old, and birthdays are a heck of a lot less fun when you’re old. […]

For years – since my early childhood – my mother has recounted for me the story of my birth. On my birthday, of course, but also, sometimes, on her birthday, and always, always on Mother’s Day. The day of my […]