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My husband made this. It’s kind of awesome. You should watch it, like, a lot, and then try to guess how many bags of Doritos get eaten on a road trip with small children.

Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated our thirteenth wedding anniversary. And by celebrated, I mean we made grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids and then fell asleep before ten o’clock. We’ve been married thirteen years. We’ve been parents for four. […]

It was my husband’s birthday this weekend. We celebrated by making Emilia’s favorite meal, spaghetti, and having Emilia’s favorite cake, cake. Because that’s how birthdays go when you’re parents to small children to whom birthdays mean only CAKE, and also, […]

I couldn’t let the day go by without putting out my Valentine to the world: Because, OMG, she is the personification of love. Sweeter than any box o’ chocolates (which, if anyone is taking notes: I wouldn’t say no to […]

The Husband reads my blog during the day when he’s at work. He says that it’s a bit weird sometimes to be getting the lowdown on his daughter’s development and his wife’s well-being from the Internet, but whatever. It’s not […]