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Post Partum Depression Archives

I’ve been struggling with depression. I’m always struggling with depression, in some respects, but it feels harder, these days. My husband asks me if I’m sad, and I tell him no, because depression is different from sadness, but there’s an […]

I kinda thought that debates about the reality and severity of post-partum depression were settled well before Tom Cruise made an ass of himself prattling on about exercise and vitamins, but apparently not. Time Magazine published an article last week […]

Today, I take my first hesitant steps back out into the non-mommy world. They are really little steps, because it’s only a few hours a week, and it’s very short-term. But still. I. Am. Stressed. I’m going to complete the […]

So, this whole new motherhood thing is, like, really hard. I know that it’s extra-difficult right now because of the whole head cold thing. Which, by the way, I passed on to Baby, even though a) I disinfected my germy […]

As has been well-documented in these virtual pages, Baby’s best friend and Head of Security (Toy Detail) has, for some weeks now, been Whoozit. Baby and Whoozit have been inseparable, and Whoozit has been an integral part of Baby’s governing […]