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A year ago, I wrote this: My father died last week. My Dad, who I loved so very much, who I will always love so very, very much. We still don’t know when or how, exactly – he was alone, […]

I know that Father’s Day should be, in significant measure, about celebrating the father of my children, and it will be that, for sure. But still: I have lost my own father, and that’s impossible to forget. Last night Emilia […]

Last weekend, it was my father’s birthday. We were at Disney World. I thought about him, a lot. When I was a little bit older than Emilia, my dad’s stepfather died. I remember it well, because we had just arrived […]

I’ve lost another member of my family. My Uncle Jimmy was actually my great-uncle, although I would never have called him that, because of his youth. He was a late-in-life child of my great-grandmother’s – younger than both my mother […]

It’s the last day of the year, the last of the decade. And it’s a hard one for me, because I’ve been spending these last days trying to get closer to finishing the work of dealing with my father’s death […]

My daughter, at the site where we held my father’s memorial, watching the water fall down down down. Me, watching her, feeling the spray of the water against my cheek, feeling grateful to have this place – this cathedral of […]

When I was little, my bedtime ritual always included a bedtime prayer, and that prayer always ended with a plea to God to bless the people that I loved. Jesus tender shepherd hear me,Bless thy little lamb tonight.In the darkness […]

Most of my family has served in the military in some capacity or another. My grandfather was in the (Canadian) Navy. My mother was in the Air Force. My father (pictured above) was in the Air Force. My father-in-law served […]

I keep trying to write about how my dad’s death has affected my feelings about God and religion and worship and faith. I keep trying, and failing. I’m failing, in part, because it’s still so raw. The pain still keeps […]

Emilia: “Mommy, Grandpa lives in Heaven now.” Me: “I know.” Emilia: “Does that mean that he’s an angel?” Me: “Yes, sweetie, I think that it does.” Emilia: “And do angels have wings?” Me: “I think so.” Emilia: “Does that mean […]