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Girl: “I am bigger than Jasper, so I could just take his pudding.” Me: “You will not take his pudding. I am bigger than you, so I will enforce that.” Girl: “I was just joking about taking Jasper’s pudding.” Me: […]

Jasper is, as I’ve mentioned, sick: respiratory difficulties of some sort or another that haven’t yet been fully determined. What we do know, or think that we know: it’s not swine flu. Which is a relief. Of sorts. We can’t […]

We had planned to make the big move – the move to the Big Boy Bed – last week, in the hopes that with the dawning of a new era of expansive bedspace for Jasper there would also dawn a […]

We’re just not sleeping around here. Like, never. Jasper goes to bed sometime between 7:30 and 8pm; Emilia, shortly thereafter. Depending upon work schedules, the extent of laundry build-up and what’s on television any given night, my husband and I […]

(At a Where The Wild Things Are Wild Rumpus. With monsters.)

Kinda makes one wanna be a treehugger, no?

Yeah, um, don’t do that, ‘kay? Because, seriously. The sign says don’t pick up… … the baby pygmy… … Never mind.

Sisters and cousins and babies, oh my: a family portrait (me, my sister, and our children), as conceived and directed and shot by Emilia, age three and three quarters. Emilia has a very promising future with Sears Portrait Studios, I […]

My babies are so far away while I’m attending to the affairs surrounding my father’s death, but still, they serenade me from afar: The reminder that there is such immense joy in my life, that that joy sings, is such […]