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I had the opportunity, the other day, to sit down with a lovely lady who I admire very much and talk about love and loss and faith and spirit and soul and it was probably one of the more soul-nourishing […]

Today is the National Day of Prayer. I love that. I’m also discomfited by it, a little. I’m discomfited by it because – as I’ve said time and again – I have an ambivalent relationship with prayer. I have an […]

Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.  ~Mark Twain My mother recently broke her blog silence to write about being betrayed by her brother. It’s a long story; you can read about it […]

As I wrote yesterday, I have a complicated relationship with God. Have had for a long time. But I’d always been comfortable with that – until I had kids… I wrote yesterday that I want my children to know God, […]

(I wrote this post three years ago. I’m reposting it here, with some minor amendments, in two parts, because I’m still grappling with these issues and am no closer to answers – indeed, I’d say that I am further from […]

I’ve written about prayer a few times here. I’ve been pretty clear that I’m ambivalent about the idea the idea of intercessory prayer – that is, of praying to God to intervene in the life of others, to save a […]