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(Emilia does not like princess dresses, but she’s game to play dress-up when asked nicely, and if she can the dress off immediately after the picture is taken. Next week we’ll be playing an epic game of dress-up as we […]

This is what you do when everyone in your household is horribly, vomitously, lung-hackingly ill but someone still needs to go to the corner to get toilet paper and you figure that even though you can barely stand you might […]

To say that Emilia got angry at the sledding hill today would be to understate things dramatically, although it was never clear whether she was mad at the insufficiently slippery snow, the insufficiently steep slope, or both. Neither apologized.

Emilia and her boyfriend. I KNOW.

My girl, taking her first independent steps on ice, which, for a Canadian child, is a moment of great importance. And if this means that the 2022 Winter Olympics are going to have one more Canadian figure skater/speed skater/female hockey […]

All that’s missing is the snowboard. God, I love that she’s a tomboy.

Jasper and Emilia, waiting for a jet plane to fly them from 2009 to 2010. It doesn’t matter where or how you ring in the new year. All that matters is, with whom.

And two small people tried to follow him on their little plastic sled, but, you know, it’s just not the same without reindeer, so he got away. Ah, well. There’s always next year.

Emilia doesn’t really care all that much about princesses. When I told her that we were going to go see Disney Princesses on Ice,* she asked, “will they be playing hockey?“ — “No, but they’ll be skating.” “Will it be […]

Because, put her in a soccer uniform and hand her a soccer ball and say “say cheese” and she just cocks her hip and smirks and looks for all the world as if she was born with shin guards and […]