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Emilia isn’t one for dolls, really. She much prefers taking them apart and incorporating them into art installations than she does cuddling them and pretending that they’re real. Because they’re not real, as she likes to remind me whenever I […]

Beat It was one of the very first albums that I owned. Oh, I had, of course, a collection of Disney Pops, and the soundtracks to Annie and Star Wars and the like, but Beat It was the first real […]

I might be, I think, one of the very few people in the Western Hemisphere who is not, this very minute, watching Jon & Kate Plus Eight to hear Jon and Kate announce the dissolution of their marriage. Which is […]

So I wrote a post the other day, continuing my ruminations on Kate Gosselin and why she is  so judged and why that’s a problem for me and for everyone, et cetera, but it was – as a few readers […]

Here’s the thing about parenting: it’s hard. Really. It’s hard. Oh, sure, it has its easy moments – and the reward is immeasurable – but end of the day it is a whole lot of hard work and it’s hard […]

I can’t stop thinking about the murder of George Tiller. I can’t stop thinking about it because it is – as I said the other day – just so horrible. And I can’t stop thinking about it because I wonder, […]

(Follow-up to reflections on Jon & Kate postponed for a day or two) George Tiller, a doctor who performed late-term abortions, was shot to death at 10 a.m. today, at his church outside Wichita, Kansas. For some, like Operation Rescue […]

So, yeah: Jon and Kate Gosselin. They’ve, like, got this TV show, right? About their life raising eleventeen kids? Wait – eight, is it? Whatever. I’ve never watched the show. Which, I suppose, means that I shouldn’t really comment on […]

Jennifer Garner has a problem with the paparazzi. I don’t have a problem with the paparazzi, but then again, I’m not Jennifer Garner. But just because I’m not a major movie star and don’t have paparazzi trailing me wherever I […]

So, something about me that is not remotely interesting but provides a useful segue to this post: I read Vogue magazine. For the articles, of course. (1) And because it makes me feel inferior, which helps to temper my enormous […]