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I haven’t made a whole lot of headway in my faith journey this past week. In part because what faith I do have was shaken a bit by the disaster in Haiti – what kind of God wreaks such destruction? […]

Here’s the thing about doing good, and it’s a moral problem that philosophers and theologians have worried over for millenia: is there such a thing a pure altruism? Do we ever – can we ever – really do good without […]

This kind of thing? Is why I get uncomfortable re-embracing my Christian upbringing: 1) Pat Robertson on Haiti, which has just suffered a disaster of Lisbon earthquake proportions: Haitians are “cursed” because their ancestors “swore a pact to the devil” […]

It’s Twilight/New Moon/Oh Hey Vampires And Werewolves Day on the Internets (well, maybe yesterday was, but I’m a sleep-deprived mother of two and so I get some creative leeway with my calendar): the release of the movie New Moon yesterday […]

Most of my family has served in the military in some capacity or another. My grandfather was in the (Canadian) Navy. My mother was in the Air Force. My father (pictured above) was in the Air Force. My father-in-law served […]

In honor of the 40th birthday of Sesame Street, the original version of the all-time awesomest Sesame Street song EVER: (How does one spell MAN-NA MAN-NA, anyway? MAH-NA MAH-NA? MANNA MANNA? MAH-NUH MAH-NUH?) (MUH-NUH MUH-NUH? MUNNA MUNNA?) (doo doo doo-doo-doo) […]

Jasper is, as I’ve mentioned, sick: respiratory difficulties of some sort or another that haven’t yet been fully determined. What we do know, or think that we know: it’s not swine flu. Which is a relief. Of sorts. We can’t […]

Yesterday, watching that helium balloon aircraft  – that helium balloon aircraft that everyone thought had a child inside – float through the sky, I thought, there go all of my ambitions for my children to be fearless. There go stolen […]

I was eighteen when my parents’ marriage fell apart. It was – as the collapse of marriages usually are when there are children involved – terrible. One of the more difficult aspects, for me, of the collapse of their marriage […]

The story of Roman Polanski’s long-overdue extradition to the US to face the music for raping a child thirty-some years ago has been making me crazy, not least because at the same time as the world (rightly) wrings its hands […]