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I wrote this post four years ago today. Four years ago, when the girl – my girl! – was a wee baby and I already knew (that is: sort of, maybe, had a good guess about) what I was in […]

Emilia isn’t one for dolls, really. She much prefers taking them apart and incorporating them into art installations than she does cuddling them and pretending that they’re real. Because they’re not real, as she likes to remind me whenever I […]

Clearly, Maoist babies are breastfed.

To yesterday’s post. Just cuz, well, there’s always more to say. And today I don’t really have anything new to say. So, POSTSCRIPT… Yesterday’s booby blog can be taken as Exhibit A, solid evidence that motherhood turns perfectly respectable thinking […]

Boob discovery #1: Baby is getting bored of the boobies. Not the lovely meals that issue forth from the boobies, which she insists upon having at the ready, but the booby itself. Once upon a time (two weeks ago) she […]

‘Cause it’s not as though there wasn’t enough mucus in my life already, what with the excessive spit-up and drool and all. There’s gotta be snot, too. Just to round things out. And not just baby snot, either (which I […]