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I’ve been meme-tagged by the totally awesome Kristen! Which is very exciting, and very timely, because weren’t you just dying to know some completely random stuff about me? And by totally random stuff, I mean, not-quite-random facts organized according to […]

I started this blog for the usual reasons: maintain a record of the Wonder Years with WonderBaby, share that record with farflung friends and family, keep up with the practice of writing (which, yes, could be done by finishing the […]

UrbanMommy’s trial by pregnancy is over: UrbanBaby arrived yesterday! And WonderBaby, Future Ruler of the Known and Unknown Universe would like a word… Dear UrbanBaby, Welcome to the world. It’s a good world. It’s not as comfortable as the world […]

Coming soon to a blog near you!

So… This may mean absolutely nothing to many of you out there in the blogosphere, but Rebecca Eckler has a mommy blog. (FYI this post is not about Rebecca Eckler. There’s a segue coming. Bear with me.) (Oh, and if […]