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So I’m somewhere in Michigan City, just outside of Chicago, and I have to say: although I wept more than few times yesterday, and although the coffee in this Super 8 motel is reason enough to weep further, I’m kind […]

Me at my first BlogHer conference, in 2006. Yes, those are pasties. And a fake tattoo. Both of which make one look way more confident than one feels. (Which, yes: I am far less confident, far less outgoing, than I […]

In two days, I’m traveling to Chicago for BlogHer. BlogHer is like Comic-Con, except with more women and babies and far fewer Trekkies. It vibrates at about the same geek frequency, though, which is something that too many people forget, […]

Today is my grandfather’s funeral. Today I set aside the hum and buzz and happy thrill of traveling with my children and with dear friends and take a moment to say goodbye to Grandpa. Who I loved. Who I will […]

So I wrote a post the other day, continuing my ruminations on Kate Gosselin and why she is  so judged and why that’s a problem for me and for everyone, et cetera, but it was – as a few readers […]

Uh-oh. Let’s do the math here: if my stock-in-trade is stories about and pictures of my kids, and one of those kids decides that she is JUST SO OVER having her picture taken, and we calculate that equation as x […]

Jennifer Garner has a problem with the paparazzi. I don’t have a problem with the paparazzi, but then again, I’m not Jennifer Garner. But just because I’m not a major movie star and don’t have paparazzi trailing me wherever I […]

(If you haven’t already, you can read Part I of this post here.) As I said yesterday, I came to blogging as Alice to a rabbit hole leading to Wonderland. All it took was one link to one mom-blog and […]

I began blogging almost accidentally. I had never planned to keep an online record of life with the baby that I referred to, on the blog, as WonderBaby; in the early weeks of our life together, I was pretty much […]

Three and a half years ago, I started a mommy-blog. I called it Her Bad Mother. Why I called it Her Bad Mother is a long story that I’ll tell you about some other time, but my reasoning more or […]