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Oh, hey. Ever wondered what I sound like? No? Didn’t think so. But on the off-chance that you have been dying to know whether I have a high, chirpy Meg Ryan voice, or a low throaty Kathleen Turner voice or […]

I threw a party at BlogHer, and there was a unicorn. That is all.

So I’m somewhere in Michigan City, just outside of Chicago, and I have to say: although I wept more than few times yesterday, and although the coffee in this Super 8 motel is reason enough to weep further, I’m kind […]

It is wonderful to be traveling with the kids. It is also very, very difficult. It is wonderful for all the usual reasons. Their excitement at seeing new things. Their enjoyment of swimming pools and street performers and hotel bathrooms […]

So I wrote a post the other day, continuing my ruminations on Kate Gosselin and why she is  so judged and why that’s a problem for me and for everyone, et cetera, but it was – as a few readers […]

I know that this is terribly, terribly wrong, but I totally laughed when I saw this: I mean, seriously. I know that it’s bad to talk back to police officers, I know that it’s bad to curse at police officers, […]

Emilia has been toilet-trained since sometime last year. Which is awesome, because diaper and pull-up-pant changing are a drag. What is less awesome is the need to be constantly on the look-out for a bathroom because your small child can’t […]

Here’s the thing about parenting: it’s hard. Really. It’s hard. Oh, sure, it has its easy moments – and the reward is immeasurable – but end of the day it is a whole lot of hard work and it’s hard […]

So, yeah: Jon and Kate Gosselin. They’ve, like, got this TV show, right? About their life raising eleventeen kids? Wait – eight, is it? Whatever. I’ve never watched the show. Which, I suppose, means that I shouldn’t really comment on […]

Jennifer Garner has a problem with the paparazzi. I don’t have a problem with the paparazzi, but then again, I’m not Jennifer Garner. But just because I’m not a major movie star and don’t have paparazzi trailing me wherever I […]