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I learn something new from my kid every day.

Over at the Blogfathers’ site, there’s been some discussion about the evil that lurks at Toys’R’Us. But really, hello? The Death Star of toy stores? It’s ALL evil. And we’re ALL, at one time or another, sucked into its Tractor […]

As has been well-documented in these virtual pages, Baby’s best friend and Head of Security (Toy Detail) has, for some weeks now, been Whoozit. Baby and Whoozit have been inseparable, and Whoozit has been an integral part of Baby’s governing […]

Further to yesterday’s post… 1) Why Notorious C.O.W.? Because, hell, look at him. Just one big rockin’ head. He’s clearly the heavy of the bunch. And because Notorious P.I.G. would just have been too obvious, you know? 2) Yes, that […]

Baby’s got a new best friend. Ok, well, she’s got a lot of best friends, all in a rotating cycle of preference. The top dog best friend of the moment, however, is Whoozit. Whoozit is like this reject from the […]