Their Bad Mother
February 2010 Archives

Well, most of us. Pneumonia and stomach flu – yes! both! at the same time! – have knocked me and my husband and Emilia right off of our feet. But not Jasper: Jasper believes that there’s no plague that can’t […]

Kinda the last person you’d expect to meet at a women’s social media conference, but apparently he was attending a Tea Party or something and the rest is history. We are, like, total BFFs now. Me and Bill O’Reilly, too. […]

I’m not sure who is worse off, him or me. Do mothers ever get over feeling anxious and guilty when their little ones get sick? Or is this just motherhood: one long stretch of joy woven with frustration, anxiety and […]

So when I said, the other day, that I avoid getting myself into a state of outrage? I might have lied, because it seems that nearly every day these days there is some fresh evil provoking me to outrage. Last […]