Their Bad Mother

I think that I’ve committed myself to running a half-marathon. Actually, I know that I’ve committed myself, because I announced it on Twitter, and we all that what happens on Twitter stays on Twitter as permanent evidence of whatever it was you decided to declare, and then sometimes travels to other social networks and is basically the same thing as taking out a full-page ad in the New York Times.

I declared that I wanted to run a half-marathon. And within minutes, I found myself at the registration page for Disney’s Princess Half-Marathon, aka the Tiarathon. And then, today, I found myself lacing up the Reeboks that I bought last year when I decided that I was going to start running again, and moments later, found myself jogging up the street.

I think that I’m going to do this thing. I AM going to do this thing. Because if all it takes to be a princess is a pair of running shoes and a willingness to go the distance? Then I am so in.

You all are going to have to cheer me on, though, understand?

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